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Love Stories of Hawaii

My Beautiful Bride
Dedicated to Sheila
Submitted by James

Hawaii will always have a special place in my heart. It is the place where I became engaged to my fiancee during our recent vacation to Maui. This was a trip that we were looking forward to for a long time as we purchased our plane tickets well in advance. I was very excited because unbeknownst to my girlfriend I would be proposing upon arrival in the Islands. The time preceding our vacation was difficult for me to get through because I purchased the engagement ring three months prior to the departure date. For three months I kept the ring hidden in my sock drawer without telling a soul. I wanted to not only surprise my bride but also our families and friends. It wasn’t an easy task to keep this secret and not tell anybody about what was going to happen.

On the day of our arrival at the hotel in Kaanapali we checked into our room and started to unpack. Then after a short swim in the ocean we went back to the room to get ready for dinner. Prior to leaving for dinner I suggested we take a stroll along the beach of which she agreed was a good idea. I was very nervous at this point because as we were walking I had the ring in my pocket and was looking for an ideal spot to pop the question. I then noticed a cabana and knew that was the place to ask her to marry me. I suggested we relax for a spell so we sat on the cabana admiring the beautiful Hawaiian sunset with Molokai and Lanai in the distance. I told her to look at Lanai at which time I took the ring out of my pocket and placed it in a seashell. When she turned her head back towards me I held the seashell in my hand and asked her to look at it. She then reached for it at which time I turned it over and exposed the ring. I proceeded to get on one knee and slipped the ring onto her finger. I told her I love her with all my heart and want us to spend the rest of our life together. I said “will you marry me” and she responded “yes”.

It was the perfect place and the perfect moment to propose. An unforgettable moment at sunset on Kaanapali Beach with Molokai and Lanai in the distance. We are getting married on March 1st 2003. I would love to return to Hawaii and experience the spirit of aloha with my new wife.