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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion
Dedicated to My lovely wife, Lynn 

Submitted by Leroy

As a little boy growing up in the small town of Kahaluu, on the island of Oahu, I always dreamed of getting married and showing my wife where I grew up. When I left Hawaii at the age of 19 that dream had never left my mind. Now at the age of 45 I have not yet fullfilled my dream. Now the years have gone by and the yearning still plays in my heart to go back to the lovely sands of Hawaii where I spent many hours on the beach surfing, fishing, or going torching at night in Kaneohe bay. But the yearning has grown,for you see my wife has had a life long dream to go to Hawaii where she has never been. So now I have two dreams to fullfill. So for the past several years I have been scraping up enough money to finally surprise my wife with a trip to Hawaii. It is not a fancy trip because airfare from baltimore,Md. is not cheap. We can only stay for five days but it will do for now. When my Wife opened her Christmas present and found two tickets to Hawaii she could not believe her eyes. Tears started streaming down her cheeks. She looked at me and asked “I hope this is not a joke”. When I told her it was for real, she jumped into my arms. Now the story does not end here because as you know sometimes there are stormy situations that come along. Our trip was set for the 1st of April, both of us being school teachers but in different counties made it difficult for scheduling. I just found out that my salary would be cut, and all my sick/vacation days would be lost due to some technical misunderstanding. That meant not being able to make the trip. So I decided that this was to important to my wife for her to miss it, that I planned on letting her go with her mother. She said she would not hear of it, and we would work something out. I hope to find another job to make up the money I will lose on the days missed. But we will never give up on our dream, to walk the sandy beaches of Hawaii, two people very much in love, in a place they always wanted to be.