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Love Stories of Hawaii

A Match Made in Heaven
Dedicated to Danny Bergen 

Submitted by Tricia

I met my husband, Danny, thirteen and half years ago in July of 1988.. We met while I was on vacation in So. California. We met at a record store, talked briefly, and went our separate ways. Little did we know that fourteen months later (in September 1989) we would meet again. I had been going to school in the Midwest, and had transferred to a school in Los Angeles. I had been living in Los Angeles only two weeks, when we met up again, at a church that I was visiting. Talk about a match made in heaven.

I can remember calling my best friend, Linda, and telling her who I had seen at church that day. “Linda, do you remember that Danny-guy that I met last summer at the record store? He goes to the church that I visited today.” Linda, being such a hopeless romantic, shrieked with excitement, “What if you two start dating, and then get married?!” I just laughed at her, and said “Calm down, Linda, he merely said, ‘Hello’.”

I can remember talking to my friend, who had just moved to Kauai, Hawaii, about 3 months before I moved to Los Angeles. I had told her about Danny, and she had remembered my trip to Los Angeles the summer before. We just thought it was a “small world” and a coincidence. Little did I know that it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

We would hang out with a group of friends, and we called ourselves “The Five Musketeers.” Danny and I became very close within the next year and a half. However, I still just thought of each other as really good friends. So when Danny finally asked me on a “date”, I was completely surprised. We had always gone out with the rest of the gang, but just the two of us? I was very nervous, and most of my friends know that I am definitely not a nervous person. I knew that something was up.

Soon we were inseparable. We spent every evening together after work. He would drive 90 minutes in traffic-to see me for just a few hours. We fell deeply in love and married the following year. We had planned a dream honeymoon in Kauai, but just could not afford it. We will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary this March and are hoping to finally make this dream a reality.

This is the short version of our love story. Friends say that we truly are a match made in heaven. It was not love at first sight, but rather becoming friends first, then best friends, then courting, and marriage. We truly feel that God has blessed our marriage. We know that dreams really do come true!