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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion
“Another Day in Paradise”
Dedicated to My Husband John
Submitted by Connie

“Wake up John! We’ve overslept.” We flew out of bed, dressed quickly, grabbed our backpacks, and headed out the door. In the lobby we bought huge muffins that we nibbled on as we rode The Bus to the Honolulu Airport. It was Tuesday and our day trip to Maui.

Arriving harried but right on time, we walked onto the plane and off to another day in paradise. The sun was shining, and the sea was the same brilliant blue as the sky. A carpet of green greeted us as we glided into Maui. Warm tropical breezes swept over us as we loaded our rental, checked the map, and headed out on the highway to Hana. Excitement filled us as the anticipation of another adventure unfolded before us.

What scenery! Lush foliage, beautiful Hawaiian flowers, rolling waves for as far as you could see… We stopped for lunch at a deserted picnic table near a quiet, black sand beach. A few clouds had rolled in, keeping sunbathers away and leaving us serenaded by a few birds and the crashing of waves on smooth, round, porous rocks.

It was then that John, with a sheepish grin on his face, said, “Well, since it’s our anniversary I got you this card.”

“Anniversary?” I stammered. “Isn’t the 17th tomorrow?”

“No, dear…I think it’s today!”

After a little calculating and some clarification, I exclaimed, “Oh, my! It is today! What a great surprise! Happy Anniversary, sweetheart.” I gave him a hug and a kiss as he handed me the card.

My eyes filled with tears as I read the lovely verse and the beautiful words he had written on the card. This was so unlike him. I was speechless.

“And I have a little something else for you” And with that John reached into his backpack and pulled out a small box wrapped in shiny white paper and pink and silver ribbons. My hands were shaking as I opened the gift and found a row of diamonds set in a gold band. A ring? With diamonds? From the man who thinks such things are impractical? It wasn’t just another day in paradise. It was an incredible way to celebrate our first 20 years of marriage and to begin the next twenty together… there at a quiet wayside park in Maui, surrounded by the beauty of Hawaii and the love of a good man.