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Love Stories of Hawaii

Chris’N Bill no ka oi
Dedicated to My eternally beautiful bride 

Submitted by Bill

Our honeymoon got off to a rocky start when our Pan Am overbooked flight took off without us. TWA made up for this by giving us bulkhead seats and a bottle of champagne and getting us to Oahu almost on schedule. We were happy as clams. Our lives took on all the hues of the rainbow in this most beautiful part of the world. On Oahu we went from the sentimental and moving experience of a tour of the Arizona to a most memorable humorous happening at Hanauma Bay when we snorkeled unwittingly so close to shore that we could see what appeared to be human feet directly beneath us. It turns out that is what we did actually see, much to our embarrassment.

Our honeymoon was to the four best known islands in Hawaii and the second stop was in Kauai where we witnessed a spectacular and unforgettable May Day pagaent at the Hanalei Plantation. It was also there where we encountered more frogs than were ever before imaginable. To this day we still thrill and shiver with excitement to the beautiful Wedding Song sung for us in the fern grotto.

On the Big Island, wrapped in towels in the steam room, we waited patiently but to no avail so see at least a wisp of steam from the Volcano at the Volcano House. No steam, but to honeymooners clad only in towels, a lot of fun, and the beautiful beaches went a long way to placate the honeymooners.

Maui provided us with the most beautiful, and to this date, memorable and romantic sunset we have ever witnessed, and we have seen many in the big sky country of Colorado. It also gave us the craziest drive we have ever made – the road to Hana. It couldn’t be adequately described – only experienced.

We have re-lived this wonderful experience over and over and now, sixteen grandchildren later, would love to have the opportunity to see what changes have taken place in Hawaii.