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Love Stories of Hawaii

I Was Thinking
Dedicated to Jean-Claude Chamaa
Submitted by Rebecca


Do you remember the day we drove from the mountains to ocean? On top of that cliff, overlooking Los Angeles, we exchanged our lifelong vows with only God as our witness. We drove to the ocean and found small silver rings that we placed on each other’s fingers and then made more promises as we tossed them into the ocean. We carved our names forever into the wet cement, solidifying our relationship. We got married again later in Vegas, with much less poetry.

I was thinking about us today and wondered; would you marry me again?

We could travel to Hawaii, we could spend a day on the beach writing our vows, we could meet that night, just as the sun was setting and exchange our lifelong promises. We could hold hands, look into each other’s eyes and express our memories, our thankfulness, our hopes and our dreams. We could relive our yesterdays and plan for our tomorrows.

After the ceremony, we could have our first real honeymoon. We could walk the beach holding hands. We could hike the mountains and share a kiss along with a spectacular view. You could scuba dive while I went shopping for keepsakes. We could meet for dinner and share the warm laughter we often do.

We could celebrate our past, while enjoying the present. We could make memories on an island far from home. We could return every time this big city life got to be too hectic. Better yet, we could return each year to get married…will you marry me again this year, and every year after?

Your Wife