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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance
The Cowboy in the Pretty Blue Jeep
Dedicated to Jeffrey 

Submitted by Shelley

Where do I begin? Single, living in Dallas, Texas, summer of 1979. It was late June the first time that I saw him. Great smile, crystal blue eyes, 6 foot, tan, blond hair, driving that blue Jeep and wearing a cowboy hat. Apparently he was visiting someone living in my apartment complex.

As the week went on, I continued watching for him. Something about his smile captivated me.

On July 4th we were all gathering around the swimming pool to escape the heat. I had several friends living at my apartment complex. We were a great social group. Didn’t need to go far to visit a friend, or go to a party or BBQ.

All of a sudden my heart started to flutter, oh my goodness. I looked up and there was my cowboy. I didn’t know this guy, I’d never spoken to him. That smile though. It was captivating. My friend reached over and asked if I was OK. All I could do was shake my head and start to laugh while I was looking at him. It took sometime to gather my composure. I’d never reacted like this before, so what I was feeling was so foreign to me. I spent the remainder of the afternoon constantly dragging my eyes away from him.

As people were leaving the swimming pool, I saw my cowboy coming towards me. I attempted to look beyond him, but found myself drawn to his eyes. He smiled (I melted) and asked if I would like to go fishing with him and some of his friends. Well it just so happened I love to fish and had my own equipment. I jumped at the opportunity, a chance to get to know this cowboy.

Well, that was 22 years ago. The memory of the cowboy in the pretty blue jeep still lives on in my heart. I’m lucky to have those crystal blue eyes greet me every morning and every night. We still go fishing whenever we can.

Fortunately, we were able to spend our 20th Anniversary in Hawaii on the island of Kauai.

As the kids were growing up, they would always ask how I met their dad. I told them the story of The Cowboy in the Pretty Blue Jeep.