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Love Stories of Hawaii

Miracle at The Seven Pools
Dedicated to Rick My husband of 25 years
Submitted by Debbi

It was Sept. 1996 and my husband of 20 years and myself were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in Maui, Hawaii. We had traveled all day to visit the seven pools of Hana. Although our marriage was secure, the romance was gone and we took for granted all the little things, until that day.

We befriended a young couple (kids) on their honeymoon and was watching them as they played in the pools. We of course were taking pictures and doing “tourist things.”

All of a sudden the young boy, who had been using the rocks between the pools as a water slide gave a shriek. His bride looked up on the shore and asked what was wrong. He looked ashen but replied nothing. He quickly left the bottom pool and climbed back up for another ride down. This time his face had a look of panic but nothing was said. He went down the rock/water slide and went under the water this time. By this time we were watching intently and when he came up about 30 seconds later and gave a whoop of joy, we immediately went to ask what was going on.

The story we got was this; his wedding band had came off and fell to the bottom of the pool the first time down. He was so frightened, he said nothing, but dove under the next time down and went to the bottom, (6ft) and thrust his hand in the sand and came up with a handful of black sand AND HIS RING.

As we watched this couple cry together and become so overjoyed, we looked down at the wedding sets that had stayed on our hands for 20 years and realized that our love was still as special today as it was 20 years ago. The rest of our trip was so romantic because we saw ourselves in those kids and realized the kids that fell in love 20 years ago still were just that ,IN LOVE.