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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion
Hawaii is only a dream away
Dedicated to Richard and Doreen McKibben 

Submitted by Sherri

Ever since I was a child, all my parents ever talked about was going to Hawaii some day. They would discuss what they would want to see and what islands they would visit.

A friend of my parents went to Hawaii with her mother quite a few years ago. Well, my parents were jealous, but they listened intently whenever she discussed the trip.

When I was in High School, my parents and two other couples were finally planning a trip to Hawaii, but could never pick a time that suited all of them. Therefore, they didn’t go.

Even to this day, every time I talk about winning the lottery or anything else for that matter, my parents chime right in about going to Hawaii.

My sister and I have finally figured out how to fulfill their dream. My parents, Richard and Doreen McKibben are celebrating their 60th birthdays this year and their 40th wedding anniversary in March 2002. We are planning a surprise birthday/anniversary party and will invite all of their friends. We will be asking each person to not buy them a present, but contribute to the Hawaiian Dream Vacation for my parents. I already purchased the Frommer Travel Guide for Hawaii and will have them open that present first at the party. I know they will be blown away and am sure cry lots of tears of joy. My sister and I only hope that we can pull it off as a surprise.

I always tell myself to never give up dreaming because you never know when it will come true. I know my parents will say the same thing when they finally get to live out their dream and travel to Hawaii.