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Special Occasion
One day mama, I’ll take you to Hawaii.
Dedicated to Dad and Mom (AC and Lydia Morales)
Submitted by Linda

Growing up in a small town in Texas, I remember my father talking about the most beautiful place in the world, Hawaii. He was stationed there years ago. He would tell me and my 5 brothers and sisters stories about this beautiful place.

My parents raised 6 children and sacraficed a great deal. They never had a honeymoon or vacation where they went off by themselves. My father would say “One day mama, I’ll take you to Hawaii.” Her response would be “Yes, hun, one day.” (My mother believes Hawaii is the Garden of Eden.)

They have been married for over 30 years and they are the perfect example of growing love. Without much money, they have always shown love, affection and care for one another. Their LOVE has carried them through some really tough times. I look up to my Dad and Mom. I am know married and have 2 girls. I know now how hard it must have been for them to raise and provide for 6 children.

My father is ready to retire. He has been a mail carrier for the Post Office for 25 years. My mother is hoping to retire soon. She has put in over 25 years with the school district. I would love to see them get this trip for their 36th Anniversary. They are so deserving. If you could meet them, you would see why.

My father could then fulfill his dream. “One day mama, I’ll take you to Hawaii.”


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