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Love Stories of Hawaii

The most romantic proposal
Dedicated to Henry Latch 

Submitted by Cindy

A few months ago I got home from work and laid down on my couch. I started to fall asleep. I thought I heard someone at the door, but for some reason I did not get up. Henry called me and asked me to open the door for him, he said he had the presents in his hands (the ones I had agreed to help him wrap). Half asleep I went to the door and there was no Henry. I was just about to go to the other door when I noticed two roses on the door mat.

I picked up the roses and red the poems. The first rose was yellow, exactly like what he gave me on our first date, it even had the same poem:

A single yellow rose
for that’s how it starts
soon turning to red
if we follow our hearts

The second rose was red and had the following poem:

A single red rose
symbolizing a love grown strong
for the rest of your life
it’s with me you belong

I started to cry. Henry told me (through the phone) to look up. When I looked up there he was. He was in suit and tie holding a dozen roses. He came in, got down on one knee, took my hand, told me he loves me and asked me to marry him. I was crying and totally shocked and speechless. I shook my head yes, he pulled out the ring and asked me if that was a yes as he put it on my finger. After he wiped away my tears the first thing we said was that we are going to HAWAII for our honeymoon!!!!!