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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love
Our Hearts Will Meet Again
Dedicated to Nana and Pop-Pop 

Submitted by Jeanne

Hawaii has always meant “heaven” to my Grandparents.

Nana and Pop were always so much in love. They held hands when ever they walked. Kissed each other at breakfast, lunch and dinner. They had total unconditional love and respect for each other. Pop called Nana his Cupie Doll.

For their 50th wedding anniversary, my parents took Nana and Pop from N.J. to Hawaii. They loved Hawaii, the flowers, the white beaches and the warm breezes. Nana and Pop love to swim in the warm, clear water. They never had a better vacation. For years following their memorable trip, Pop saved and saved from his small milkman’s pension and returned with Nana years later. Their second trip was great, if not better than their first. Every entertainer would sing the Hawaiian Love Song to them, as they were married for over 63 years and still, obviously so much in love.

When they returned from their trip, Nana got sick with Alzheimer’s. Her memory failed. One thing that she would always remember was Hawaii. She would smile at Pop, as he would recall their memories to her while she lay bedridden. He would go to the florist and buy Birds in Paradise and other Hawaiian flowers so Nana could smell them and the memories would come flooding back. Her memory became worse and she forgot how to talk but she would still smile when Pop reminisced about Hawaii.

After Nana’s passing, Pop would always say he would meet Nana in Hawaii that was Heaven. For five years, Pop lingered on, without his beloved “Cupie Doll”. Not a day passed with out him talking of his return to Hawaii and being with Nana again.

Pop finally went to be with his love. In his best suit, around his neck, we placed a Lai and filled the room with Hawaiian flowers. As my heart broke over my loss, and my eyes filled with tears, I knew in my heart that Nana and Pop-pop were walking hand in hand on that white beach with the warm breeze, together where they belonged.