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First Love
Bali Hai Will Call Us
Dedicated to Chad Zeaser
Submitted by Tammy

Chad and I met way back in the sixth grade and even dated then. I guess that’s what they call puppy love. We remained friends ever since. In the eleventh grade, however, I starred as Bloody Mary in South Pacific, and Chad was the sound man. We began to get really close again as the practices grew longer and we began to spend more time together. After many rehearsals and sound checks for my solo of Bali Hai and Happy Talk, we began to date exclusively. We’ve made it through college and now we are engaged to be married. When Chad proposed, he said that Bali Hai is still calling and he would love to talk happy with me all day long as we walk on the beaches of Kauai, a beautiful island of Hawaii, and listen to Bali Hai sweetly speak the language of love.


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