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Love Stories of Hawaii

A Romantic Date with Destiny
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Submitted by Ralph

One lonely evening, in his desolate living room, a single man lay on his couch. He finally gets the courage to call the number of a perfect stranger, given to him by a good friend. As he rehearses the “correct words” before the call, anxiety and uncertainty set in. Yet, the feeling of loneliness prevails, and prompts the “hopeful” call.

His heart thumps faster and faster each time the phone rings. The anticipation builds. Finally, she answers. The first “hello”, a slight pause, they begin to talk. He scans the hastily hand-scratched notes in front of him, hoping to keep the conversation alive and interesting. With immense anticipation, he stutters the most rehearsed, yet hesitant phrase: “May I take you out sometime?” A pause, a heartbeat missed, and then, to his delight, she says: “I’d like that.” He keeps their destination a surprise, and the rewarding call comes to an end. Self-doubt sets in, but in thinking about her reply, his self-confidence returns.

As his heartrate and self-respect begin to return to normal, he turns his thoughts to planning the “perfect” date. What is the perfect romantic date? Above all, chivalry must prevail. The “romantic interlude” begins at her doorstep. A single red rose is handed to her as she answers the door. He gently takes her hand and walks his “princess” to the recently washed and buffed vehicle. He helps her in and gently closes the door. No…chivalry is not dead. Next, he would truly surprise her – dinner at a fine Italian restaurant, and as promised, one she had not heard of before.

At dusk they arrive at a private and secluded beach. Waiting for them was an elegantly set table with white linens and flowers. The charm of the table was complimented by candlelight. A waiter, sharply dressed in a tuxedo, comes forth. He graciously seats them, and presents them with menus.

The pearly sand beach, gently singing breeze and rippling waves emulated those of Hawaii. Strains of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons floats towards them from the solo violinist playing in the background. Impressed by his creativity, happiness glistened in her eyes. The waiter returns with dinner, and promptly disappears. The conversation continues to go well. Dessert, a final glass of wine, and a small display of fireworks in the distance, and the romantic meal comes to a close.

At the end of the evening, upon her doorstep, she makes known to him how special she had been made to feel, and expresses how wonderful the evening was. She gently embraces him, gives him a small peck on the cheek and invites him to call again. The romantic interlude has come to an end.

Several years and many romantic dates later, on a beautiful beach with a brilliant sunset, he proposes to her. They plan the honeymoon to be perfect in the islands of Hawaii, where gorgeous sunsets and the most magnificent beaches in the world will remind them of their first romantic date with destiny.