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Love Stories of Hawaii

The Long Haul
Dedicated to My Parents 

Submitted by Josie

When choosing the person you should marry, the question is not: “Who is the person I can see myself living with forever?” but rather, “Who is the person I can’t see myself living without.” The later is the case with my parents who have kept together because, despite all their differences, they couldn’t stand being apart from one another. Marriage is more than love; it is commitment even in the most difficult of times.

My parents would argue and fight and at one point even separated. However, they always made up and got back together, even stronger than before. I once found this behavior “weird”, but I have concluded: all relationships are weird. There is no such thing as normal for the nature of people is funny. We have differently packaged baggage, volatile emotions, and unique ways in dealing with problems. Now, combine that with another person – the interaction produces something unpredictable: sometimes wonderful, sometimes painful, but always strange. Love is this magic that keeps two people together despite the scary that creates beauty. It is the unique to the two people whose experiences define it.

I am marrying in Hawaii this June, and I would love to have my parents there. Hawaii was the one place they were most happy, living on Oahu for three years when they began as a family over 20 years ago. I hope by them going back to Hawaii, passion will be rekindled to bind them to their marriage for another 25 more years.