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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting
First Meeting
Dedicated to My husband, Kevin
Submitted by Janice

I enter the auditorium and find a seat. The program begins. I find myself sitting next to a very handsome man. His video camera is aimed at the action on stage. I had intended to make it to the program earlier, so that I could sit with my brother and his wife.

The program is a salute to the fifty states of the USA. There is my niece Jackie, smiling and dancing. She is with a group of girls, wearing grass skirts and plastic leis. A young boy comes to the microphone and starts listing some of the important facts about the state of Hawaii. His voice is so strong.

The skit ends. The gentleman next to me turns off his video camera and smiles. The depth of warmness in his brown eyes strikes me.

“What a great program!” I stammer. He acknowledges my comments and lets me know it was his son that was on stage, describing the beauty of Hawaii. I congratulate him.

The lights come on for intermission. Sandi and Sean are beckoning me. I excuse myself and hurry to join them. Not more than a minute later, I find the gentleman who was sitting next to me, shaking hands with Sean.

Sandi kisses the stranger and introduces the mysterious man to me. I had heard his name many times. This is the guy Sandi had wanted to set me up with on a blind date.

Could a school play lead to a love connection?