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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love
Then You Came To Me
Dedicated to Jeff Randleman 

Submitted by Heather

While growing up, I never thought I’d find anyone who could really love me enough to marry me. Then you came to me.

In high school no one seemed right for me. I went out with a few guys as friends, but I had no romantic feelings for them. Then you came to me.

In college there were some men who sent me flowers and asked me out. Then you came to me.

I couldn’t think of anyone but you. I had never felt like this about anyone.

Then you came to me… asking me to dinner. Then you came to me.. bending on your knee on the riverbank asking me to marry you.

Someone really could love me enough to marry me! There was someone just for me! You are that man, the only man that I will take to Hawaii with me.