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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion
Our Own Hawaii
Dedicated to My husband, Thorpe 

Submitted by Kara

On the morning of our 3rd anniversary, my husband told me we were going to do something fun, but no other information was revealed. I started getting 8 month old Ashley ready to be with Grandma for the day. My husband left for 30 minutes or so and came back telling me my father needed to talk to me in person, that it was urgent. As I pulled into his office parking lot, my father ran out the door holding up a card with his staff smiling and waving at the window. He told me, “Read it and hurry!” The card had a riddle in it directing me to my favorite salon. I drove there and asked if I had an appointment. The woman said that someone left something for me at her desk and as I approached, she threw a gown over me and said “I hope you have a babysitter because we are going to be here for a few hours.” I was pampered with highlights and hair styling. As soon as she finished, she shooed me out the door saying “Hurry, don’t be late!” At this point the whole salon was cheering me on saying “Let us know how it goes!” The second riddle led me to a local department store where a friend met me at the counter with a dress and heels my husband had picked out and said to try it on. I felt like Cinderella! As I left, I got my last riddle. I was to meet my husband at my favorite restaurant in half an hour. I met him in the parking lot. He handed me 3 red roses which he said were for 3 wonderful years and 1 pink one from Ashley. We ate dinner and I felt like we were on our first date. This was the perfect dinner with the perfect man…my husband. We decided to go to a movie, but before we left, he handed me a little box. Inside it was a beautiful heart pendant. I couldn’t believe the trouble he had gone through just for me. Then I remembered a conversation we had when we were dating. He said the woman he married would be treated like a queen. And there I sat…his “queen.” I was so thankful to have such a wonderful husband who appreciated all I did.

In our own little town, on our own special day, we had a little Hawaii of our own. Some have seen it, some have not. To those that haven’t…can only dream.

My dream is that I could turn the tables and surprise him with a day HE will never forget and keep the romance alive in the mysterious beautiful Hawaii!

*With all that said, there have been many other romantic events planned…by him! Above all, I would love to be able reciprocate for 8 years of keeping the romance alive, and surprise him with a much deserved gift.. We have talked about a trip to Hawaii and only wish we had “Our Own Story From Hawaii”