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Love Stories of Hawaii

Big Apple of My Eye
Dedicated to my soul mate, Omar 

Submitted by Toby

Omar and I grew up, met, and fell in love in New York. All our friends and families are New Yorkers or East Coasters. We’d heard friends raving about Hawaii, but, due perhaps to an inbred New York cynicism, we were always slightly suspicious of such a seeming paradise.

Then five years ago, we fell unabashedly in love with Hawaii during a trip to Maui. While walking quietly on the beach enjoying a romantic Hawaiian sunset, we spotted a couple getting married in a lovely beach alcove at the Kea Lani Hotel. Omar and I had already begun discussing wedding plans, but only in abstract terms. As soon as we saw the wedding couple, however, I knew suddenly that our wedding would be in Hawaii.

This feeling overtook me so quickly and powerfully I was speechless. Afraid to break the spell, I didn’t even look at Omar. We continued our walk hand in hand, and as the sun dipped out of sight, we headed back to our hotel. As we stood waiting for the elevator, Omar suddenly turned to me, took my hands in both of his, and just looked at me. We knew without speaking that we were thinking the same thing. We didn’t even begin talking about our Hawaiian wedding plans until we got back to Manhattan. The wedding was just as magical as that sunset walk, and we know one day we will go back.