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Love Stories of Hawaii

My Guy
Dedicated to Joe Socha
Submitted by Theresa

The year, 1981; The place, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii; The reason, LOVE!

My boyfriend was transferred to Maui through his job. He was only going to be there for six months so I stayed behind and planned on visiting him, a lot!

One evening, he was home for an unexpected visit and came to my job at closing time. He had tickets for us to go back to Kihei, and two suitcases full of my things! We drove directly to the airport and hopped a plane to paradise! When we reached Maui and got on our Wiki Wiki bus, I was still in a state of complete disbelief!

Having never been to the Islands, I wasn’t prepared for their beauty, even at night.

We reached our condo in Kihei, threw our stuff in the room and crashed! The next day he took me to a very secluded local beach (where some of his friends were waiting). He had arranged a very romantic picnic lunch with tiki torches, straw mats and LOTS of Hawaiian flowers.

He sang ‘My Girl’ to me and when he finished, everyone on the beach was either clapping or wiping their eyes.

He dropped to one knee, professed his love and asked me to be his wife. How could I say no, especially after he demonstrated how sentimental and romantic he was?!

What more could I have asked for.. perfect spot, perfect song and the perfect guy.

Thanks for working your magic, Hawaii!!