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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love
Only In My Dreams
Dedicated to my wife Margo 

Submitted by Anthony

The first time that I saw her I knew that she was the one I wanted to be with every day of my life. We were young and working at a pizza parlor. She would always talk about traveling and making it big. I knew I had to have this woman…I had to make her my wife and be the one she would travel with to Hawaii, Greece, and beyond.

I finally asked her out, and on the entire date we laughed and had a great time. After that date, she decided that we should stay friends since we had “great communication” between us. My best friend asked her out three months later and they stayed together for three more years!

I watched this young, smart, energetic cute duckling turn into a beautiful woman who did everything she set out to do in her life. She went to Greece with my best friend and I felt as if there would be no chance for us again.

After three years, and her trip with my best friend, she left him because he was possessive and did not share her same dreams. I did not pursue her but I waited. I waited for something to happen. After three years that something did happen. We kissed. That kiss was electrifying and was filled with three years of wanting and friendship. I got a second chance to marry my true love and take her to Hawaii for our first time together… forever.