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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love
Life with my bride
Dedicated to Denise Michelsen 

Submitted by Steve

My timeless love started back in 1976, Back in 1976 I was still in high school as a junior still two years left; I meet this girl in class that was a senior. Something was strange going on inside my mind, I did not understand. So we started to talk a lot, I can’t remember what but we started to get into a relationship like a brother and sister would be, we could talk about just anything and I felt so comfortable. After about six mouths I went to her house on Valentine’s day to ask her to be my girlfriend but she was not home, so that next day I went again with a red rose and she was there and I did ask her. About a year later I gave her a charm bracelet with one charm on it, I told her I will be giving her one charm and one red rose once a month on the 15th of each month and when the bracelet gets full I will be giving her the last one with a question for her to answer. I can’t remember how many charms it took but on that day I gave her the last charm that had two rings on it and ask her to marry me. We got married on May 29 1978 I was so happy on that day, now I know why my mind was going so strange inside I have found my true love. I’m sorry I have forgot to tell you my wife name, her name is Denise my soul mate. We are going on our 23rd wedding anniversary and I still give my bride a red rose on the 15th of every month (now for 25 years). I feel that we are as one person and one soul, I love my wife so much. I let her know every day. Denise I will always love you and care for you, you are my best friend, my wife, my bride, my soul mate and are always on my mind. I would like to tell Denise that she is the only reason why my heart beats and why my life is so great. I don’t know what I would do with out you. My love for you is so great that I have you in my soul. I will give you my internal love for life. With all my love and soul. We have never had a honeymoon and the only place that I would take my soul mate is Hawaii, I have been saving money for this trip, but my Children are in college and most of our saving has gone to there education and once again we delay our trip. Steve.