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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Special Occasion
My Dream
Dedicated to My Dad, Nip Howard
Submitted by Ann

My dream is for my husband and I to celebrate our 35th anniversary in Hawaii.

I have always been intrigued by Hawaii since learning that I was almost born there. My Dad was a few days out from Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. After the war, he was stationed at Pearl Harbor. My mother was suposed to meet him there for my birth. Because of fearing the difficulties involved in making the long trip from Connecticut, she decided against it.

As a little girl, I can remember collecting labels from pineapple cans. I was first in line for Elvis’ “Blue Hawaii”, receiving a free orchid. I even did a school report on Hawaii. I got brochures from travel agents and wrote to the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce for information. I was intrigued by the beautiful pictures. I remember saving my allowance and buying 33 1/3 rpm albums of Hawaiian music at the grocery store. I still have those albums to this very day.

It would be great to actually stay where my Dad stayed when he was on R and R after war patrols. He only paid fifty cents a night to stay at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel because the Navy leased it during the war.

As you can see, my “love story” is about celebrating my love for my Dad and Hawaii with my husband on our 35th. anniversary. My Dad is deceased, and I know he would be looking down on us from heaven if I win this contest.