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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love
Never Forgotten
Dedicated to My Wife
Submitted by Mike

He grabbed his coat and the small duffel bag stowed under the seat. He had packed light, knowing this was a brief trip. Descending the stairs, he felt the rain drip off his nose but it was warm and comfortable, just like the island weather in Hawaii always seemed to be. Bustling through the small airport, he flagged a taxi at the curb.

“Where are you staying?” asked the friendly cabbie in his Hawaiian drawl.
“Actually I’m not staying long. Can you take me to Pu’u O Kila?”
“I guess”, said the man, “but that’s not a cheap fare my friend!” He pulled out onto the main road that almost circled Kauai and headed into the early morning mist.

Only six short months ago, David and Karen were planning a trip back here to the islands. It was a once-a-year vacation they longingly looked forward to. A chance to rejuvenate and invigorate their love. Leukemia had been a bitter enemy though, one they could not fight. His tears were now silent, dried out weeks ago.

The cab pulled away as he walked the short distance to the lookout. Opening his duffel, he lifted the small silver vase into the warm breeze. “I love you Karen”, he said. “With all my heart I love you.” Tilting the vase away from the wind, the dust scattered out into the valley below. One final tear spilled down his face as he watched the sun rise against the cloudy sky.