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Love Stories of Hawaii

With my kidney, I thee endow.
Dedicated to Those who love truly
Submitted by Rev

In the opening remarks of the ceremony, quoting from the Book of Genesis, I talked of the wonder of how a man and woman “become one” in marriage.

The couple I was officiating seemed to grasp this concept without difficulty. During the reading of this piece, they looked into each others eyes, each one clearly understanding its meaning.

As rings were exchanged the groom–a handsome and healthy man–asked to say a few words.

“A year ago,” he said “I was in a hospital near death. My kidneys had failed and I was facing at best, years of dialysis. At worst I was facing an early death.”

He told of a loving and brave decision by his then fiance, to give him one of her kidneys. It was a prefect match.

A year later, they sealed their love in front of a few friends and family on Maui, Hawaii. A love that made them one–in more ways than one.

Pronounced husband and wife the couple kissed to the enthusiastic applause of assembled guests. And, for the second time in twelve months, another perfect match was made.