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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love
Hawaiian Fortune
Dedicated to Julie
Submitted by Fred

In April 1975 I went to Waikiki at the last minute with my best friend, Peter. Our main goal was to party and hopefully meet some girls for some fun. One night we went to a nightclub called Infinity, we were feeling no pain and started a conversation with three girls sitting by themselves. I was attracted to a tall brunette named Julie. We danced and talked and the night went by quickly and was over before we knew it.

We all left the nightclub and went out for a bite to eat somewhere that I can’t remember. At the end of the night, we agreed to get together the next day and explore Waikiki together. Well we all became inseparable and had the best time of our lives. I fell head over heels for Julie, she was the sexiest, most fun-loving, intelligent woman I had ever met.

One of the girls went home after the first week and Julie and Linda went to Maui when she left. Peter and I were lost without them, so we followed them to Maui. When we arrived at the little airport near Kaanapali, the two of them met us on the runway in grass skirts. They did a little dance for us, much to the amazement of the other passengers. Well, our attraction for each other just seemed to grow and grow.

When the vacation ended I went back to Vancouver and Julie went home to Seattle. I left wondering if we would ever see each other again. Well after being home for 5 days I was lovesick. Saturday I got in my car and headed for Seattle unannounced. I managed to find Julies apartment somehow, it all seems a fuzzy haze now. I knocked at her door and she was dumbfounded to see me. We hugged and kissed and that was it for us. We drove up and down I-5 every weekend and racked up huge phone bills. We were married in October of that year and have been hopelessly in love and happily married ever since.

I don’t know what brought us together that night but I am so happy it happened. We have had a wonderful life together and have two sons who are grown up now. This October we are returning to Hawaii to celebrate our 25th Wedding anniversary, the first time we have been back since we met.

I often marvel at the circumstances that put me in Hawaii that April in 1975. I will always remember Hawaii as the place where I met my best friend and lover. Whether I win this contest or not, I am already a winner.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Fairy tales do come true sometimes!!

Fred Seiersen