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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love
Truth In Love
Dedicated to Vincent Aaron
Submitted by Mary

I was 28 years old and had been divored for three years. I had an eight year old son. I met a man at work that was funny and sincere. We became good friends and would literally spend hours talking. He had a passion for Hawaii. He had been several times and had a woman friend there. I also had a boyfriend but we remained good friends. One day he told me he was moving to Hawaii. It took him about a year but he finalized his plans. He sold all of his possessions except his car and rented a furnished apartment month to month. He was finishing up opening a new restaurant and would soon be leaving. He bought his one way ticket to Hawaii and was leaving right away. We had said our goodbyes at work and nothing was left but the goodbye at the airport. I don’t know what got into me but as he was waiting to get on the plane I told him I would miss him and that I loved him. Come to find out he felt the same way! He never got on that plane. We were married six weeks later. All he had was the clothes in his suitcase and what was on his back. We have been married for fifteen years and have visited Hawaii several times. It is still his dream and mine also to move to Hawaii. Someday we might realize that dream. If not, I have certainly realized mine. I found out a truly best friend could become my soul mate for life. If it hadn’t been for him moving to Hawaii I may have never told him how I felt. Mahalo for your time. Mary