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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion
One Look Must Last
Dedicated to My Husband Of 25 Years
Submitted by Gail

On the occassion of our 20th anniversary, my family, loving husband packed up our 2 teenage sons, their friends and myself on an adventure to Maui, Hawaii. His intention was for myself, our children and their friends to enjoy a memorable vacation. No we are not independently wealthy, unless you consider are wealth a matter of being surrounded by loving friends and family. By this definition we are wealthy beyond all expectations! You see, we have been blessed with 2 loving supportive families who take every opportunity to celebrate our luck. Oddly enough, even his mother and stepmother vacation together annually in Kauai. And, when my brother’s young wife and family were tragically murdered, Hawaii is the place chosen for a large family recuperation. Together, and with the help of Hawaii’s magical bounty, we managed to put his life back together and begin to heal. Hawaii has become a place where our family, both celebrates and retreats to in times of need. We have a love affair with its beauty, finding it both restorative and inspiring. Traditionally, before we end each vacations we all spend the last night on the beach together, drinking in the view that must last ’til the next time.