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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love
One Day
Dedicated to My Husband 

Submitted by Tiffany

At 17 I had no idea what romance was. Of course I had the image of it in my head from what you see on T.V. and read about. How wrong I was. It was then that I met the 21-year-old man that I would marry and still be in love with after 6 years. It is with this, and the simple life we live together, that I have learned what true romance is. It isn’t flowers, candlelight dinners, or anything money can buy for that matter.

It’s watching my husband get down on all fours to play with our one-year-old. Or seeing him come home exhausted from a hard 10-hour day of work, caked with sweat, oil and grease and still find time for us. It’s watching him sit with his head in his hands trying to figure out bills, and him mumbling jokingly to cheer me up the traditional “I guess our trip to Hawaii will have to wait!” It’s the way he hugs me, kisses me, or just simply looks at me.

To most he might seem average, even boring…but I can’t help but think he is the sexiest man alive during these moments.

I know he feels as though he will never be able to give me the finer things in life. But I truly am the happiest I could be, and it just keeps getting better, all because of him. He IS all of the finer things in life, and the true meaning of romance.