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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Secret Love
I was never able to express my luv
Dedicated to Cj
Submitted by Wisdom

I knew right from the first time I saw her that there is something I like in her.Oh she is beautifull and I like this girl…I told myself. We work together in the same office. I wanted to talk to her but I was not sure of what to say as I have never approached a girl till then.But somehow, I got her phone number and call her up but not disclosing myself but I had to at the end of the call when she insisted to know who she is talking to.After that, we became frens, got closer, went out for shopping, talked over the phone often but I was never able to gather courage to tell her that I like her. Then a day came when she had to shift to a different room and wanted to look for a room near and around the place where I stay.We went out together in search of a room and I’ll never forget that day…It was raining (lightly) and we were out in the street like a young couple roaming in the romantic streets of Hawaii.But that was the day when i felt really close to her. I realise that day that I’ve fallen in love with her. I tried telling her but took it back, I tried to show her that I love her but just failed.She finally shifted in the same block where I stay.We were together for more than 3 yrs and in this 3 yrs, I tried 3 hundred times but I was never able to express my feelings and she was neither able to feel it. Now it’s been 5 yrs since we met and no matter where she is, I always mention her name in my daily prayer and would continue to love her…Lets see if someday she reads this…I’ll be waiting for u CJ