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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Second Chance Love
I waited for you
Dedicated to To the one I love
Submitted by Jennifer

Dear Dulcinea,

I remember when we first started dating back in the day when life in Hawaii was rough for us growing up and it still is.

But I remember when you use to sneak out at night when all your family was asleep you would come to my house just to see me. I would hear a knock on the wall and I knew it was you right outside my window. I would rush outside to see you. I would stay up late every night just to see if you would come and see me. There were nights when you never showed and I was so sad, I cried myself to sleep. We were young and so in love every time we didn’t get to see each other we’d cry. I would miss you so much when I didn’t get to see you.

As we got older, throughout high school I got to see you more often. I always wanted to be with you, to be able to sleep with you and hold you in my arms knowing that everything is OK now that your with me. Now days it seems as if we’re tired of seeing each other because we live together. We fight and argue, its a never ending battle between you and I. Sometimes when we fight it gets out of control, we do and say things we don’t mean. We say things we later on regret.

Today we fought and you left. Every time we fight, you leave and you come back. That is how its always been, you go and you come back. Tonight I waited for you. I stayed up till the next morning and I waited for you. I laid in the darkness, it was quiet, and I waited for you. I listened for that knock on the wall letting me know its you outside my window. I waited and waited and waited for you to come back, but you never did. Something wasn’t right. You always come back but tonight you didn’t. I believed so much that you were going to come back. I was so convinced that you would come back to me because that is what always happens. We fight and you come back, but you didn’t. I’ve never missed you more in my life like I did tonight. I knew as much as I hated to admit it I knew it was finally over between us. My heart was in so much pain, but still I waited for you.