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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

First Love
A Very Special Love
Dedicated to Froy 

Submitted by Joyceeit all started when i got bored in my apartment because i was all alone that night i decided to go out, then a friend of my friend texted me and asked what i’am up to to, i said i will go out alone, then he volunteered to join me, even if i haven’t met him yet, i decided to go with him, because he seems to be nice and that would be the chance for us to see each other in person, after all we’ve been txtmates for quite sometime, we agreed to meet in the mall near my place, then i finally i met him, i must admit he’s not my type, bright eyes, and he’s not tall at all,opposite of what I’ve imagined, because i was thinking of a chinito and a tall guy…lol..but i just told myself that i came there to enjoy, so i will just enjoy the night! We then went to timog where we had our first dinner, he brought me in the place were his friends and him usually hang out when they are still in college, he impressed me with the way he treated me, a perfect gentlemen (not bad). From then on he got my attention, i started to notice all the good things that he have, cute smile because of his dimple, and a good sense of humor, after we finished the first gig of the band, we went in pier one because his friends are there, since its my nature to be friendly, i easily get along with his friends..they told me a lot of things about him, that made me more turn on, the next day he asked me to go out for a dinner then coffee after, things happened so fast, and i’am starting to realized that i have strange feeling whenever i’am with him, it feels so good. One night our friends invited us to go with them, i dont know what happened but i really skip my duty that night just to be there which i never did before no matter what’s the reason is, but that night is different, knowing that we will be together. When we arrived our friends keeps on teasing us, thinking that there is really something going on between the two of us, we played truth or false, when they asked him if he have plans to court me i didn’t heard the answer for i had a phone call that time, then my friend told me what he answered, i was surprise when i found out that he wants to court me, after a fun bonding with friends, we had a moment together and he then told me what he feel, and asked if he can court me, since i dont believe in courtship i told him that he don’t need to, but i’am willing to give him a try, i can feel that he was so happy that time. From then on every single day seems to be special and i love what is happening between us, from then on i realized that what i feel is not just on ordinary love, it is a very special love…as we go along he always have a surprise that made our relationship more exciting. We built dreams together, we had a lot of plans in the future,thinking that we will be together till the end. Then one day he told me that we need to separate for a while so he can concentrate with his board exam, he told me to wait for him because all of this is for our future, i believed in all his promises so i agreed, i hang on..days, weeks, months. I never heard anything from him, i just found out from his friends that he is i their province, so i did everything just to be updated, then one day he called me and told me that we are going to talk personally, so he went into my place, he said sorry and hug me, i cant help but cry because i miss him so much, then i asked him what happened but he did not explained everything, my next question is are going to be together again, then he answered, we can never be together again because he cannot afford to be commited anymore, because of his responsibilities, i cried..then asked him if he still love me, “hindi nmn magbabago yUn db?”he replied, then i started crying so hard,because i cant see the point why we can never be together again if we still both love each other,.after that conversation a lot of questions pop into my mind, so i really need to talk to him, he told me me he’s in the province but i found out from one of our friends that he’s just in manila, so what i did is went into his place so we can talk, my instinct did not fail, he’s there, we talked and i asked him the real reason, then he said it’s his family, he even said “hindi kUna iniicp ung sarili ko, importante skn ngayon family ko” he never care to what ever i said, all he care is his point..after that he said i can come back the next day, so went back the next day but he’s not there, he do not answer my calls and text, i’ve waited for hours outside his apartment..i look so stupid that time..i never thought that i’am doing that for just one Guy!days pass i never heard anything from him, then one day i received a txt from a girl, she told me to stop hoping because because i will never have him back again because they will be getting married soon, she said she pity me because i’am a loser, she won the game because she have him, she said i’am misserable, desperate and stupid and so on..a lot of bad words that i heard..its not those words that made me cry, its the fact that HE lied to me..all those reasons that he told me got voided, but no matter what i do, i cant get mad to him..maybe because i love him..but i have no choice but to let go of him..he will always be in my heart, can never be forgotten, can never be replaced..i’am going to miss my khulet who is now in hawaii..