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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Wedding &Honeymoon Lost- True Story
Dedicated to My Husband
Submitted by Alien

At last, he proposed. It was Christmas and my gift was knowing my best friend, and attentive lover would be mine for this lifetime.
We quickly began making plans, it seemed we both wanted to marry on a beautiful Hawaiian beach, just the two of us, intimate and private. Through our planning we came to know that our dream could not happen. We simply could not afford the luxury financially.
We scrambled and scraped and tried to come up with an alternative we could live with. The answer seemed to be Punta Cana. We planned, saved, packed and prepared and headed off to the airport here in New York.
When we got there we were advised the flight time had been moved up- While we were waiting in line. The gate was closed, and we could not board the plane. There were no more flights for 3 days. The ceremony we had scheduled there could not be changed, waiting 3 days would result in the loss of our accommodation reservation..It was all over.
We walked away crying and feeling defeated. We wanted so much to be married, and arrived at the decision that no airline was going to take that away from us.
We were married by a judge, in a court house with no celebration, or monumental memorable blissful fare.
Since that day I have had a husband, and he has had a wife. We have paid off the wedding and honeymoon trip we never got to take, and we have built a life together as two people very much dedicated to one another.
Something has been missing since that day in the court house. I never felt as though I was a bride. I don’t feel as though we gave our love the respect it deserved on our wedding day. We lost $3500.00 in resort fee’s and airfare that day…But looking back I realize we lost a lot more than that.
Something far more important than money, we lost the memories.
There is no secret between us, of a memory in paradise, No fond memories to reflect on when times get tough, No photographs of ourselves celebrating each other. No quiet recollection of words said, touches exchanged, sights beheld..
Just a piece of paper signed by a judge, and the hopes that one day , in years to come, we will be able to afford to go away together to our dream destination of Hawaii where we can live out all that was lost the day we lost our wedding and honeymoon.
Wait for us Hawaii, one day we will meet.