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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Timeless Love
Forever I Swear
Dedicated to Jeff Mullins My Hawaiian Boy
Submitted by Nikki

It was the summer of 1977 and I was only 22 yrs. old. I was just starting my new job as a
waitress on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The
other girl was showing me around and introducing me to everyone. When we came to the order window she said this is Jeff our cook. She just said it like you weren’t anyone special. But little did she know.

I had never believed in love at first sight until that day. I thought doesn’t she see his smile or that long brown hair or those
enchanting eyes? Your eyes seemed to look
right into my very soul. I had never seen a more beautiful man.

The first thing you said to me was “Alhoa haole girl”. Well I was new to Hawaii and I had no idea what haole meant and I didn’t even care. My heart just stood still when you
spoke to me. I knew at that time my life would never be the same.

I looked forward to work everyday just to be near you. I had never felt like this before.
It was like I had known you and loved you forever.

Our first kiss was in of all places the walk in freezer. Everyone teased us about going into that freezer from then on.

You finally asked me to go to the beach in Kailua with you after work one day. We walked along the beach and we found our own special place. We would go there often and you would bring your guitar and sing to me.
Our special song was “My Lady My Love”.

You were my hawaiian boy and I was you haole girl and we thought our love would last forever.

One day I found out I would have to return to the mainland. I said that I would come back and I meant it with all my heart.

We cried and held each other. We dreamed of our future together in our paradise.

Funny how things have a way of not working out like we plan. I never was able return to
Hawaii or to you.

We talked on the phone but our calls grew fewer and fewer as the years went by.
We finally both had to go on with our own lives.

I heard that you married someone else and of all things she could have been
my twin.

I still think of you and I still love you.
You will always be my hawaiian boy and I will
always be your haole girl.

I will never forget you forever I swear.