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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

“Don’t tease me”
Dedicated to Kehaulani
Submitted by Bob

I had met Kehaulani,from the Big Island of Hawaii, on a business trip to Portland in April of 2007. She worked at the hotel where I stayed. Business was slow, and I was able to talk to her for a few minutes and it struck me how wonderful a person she was. My son in Chicago was terminally ill and dying and I had to return, but not before I had gotten her email address. We emailed back and forth for a few days and then my son passed away. I relayed the news to Kehaulani and she had such kinds words to say and from somebody I hardly knew. Truly I could see that she was special. Over the next couple of months , we emailed 2-3 times a day, and began talking on the phone here and there. Towards the end of July, she emailed me and said ” wouldn’t it be nice to spend the 4th of July together watching the fireworks together on the Columbia river, just a thought ” I didn’t have to think twice, had the plane reservation made in 15 minutes and was ready to go. We had a great time for
he 2 days that I was there. It’s now October 2007 and we have been flying back and forth every month and have fallen in love. Last month when she came to Chicago, we stayed at a lakefront hotel and had a view of the chicago river and the lake. We were totally wiped out and we layed in bed talking and Kehaulani asked me what I wanted to do. I said let’s go and get married!! She looked into my eyes and said “please don’t tease me” The tears welled up in both of our eyes as I reached for a ring that I had picked out special for her. I put it on her finger and she just looked at it. It made me feel so good to see her smile and to know that it was me putting that smile on her face. Both of us have been single parents raising children on our own from diapers through college and now it was “our time ” I will show her my respect and will soon meet her father in Hawaii and ask him for his daughters hand in marriage. Feels kind of strange , me being in my late fifties, but never-the-less , I
ove my Kehaulani with all my heart and would do anything to please her. She has been there for me, she is my day and night, she has completed my life…Kehaulani I want my last kiss to be from you. Come , be my wife , best friend and let our lives become one… I will always love, appreciate and be there for you…… Your special guy from Illinois, Bob