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Marketing Guided Tour
Types of Exposure:1. Vertical Exposure2. Horizontal Exposure3. Broadcast Exposure
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Welcome to the Tour of Best Places Hawaii's
Destination Marketing System

Couple planning their trip Designed to:
  • Capture visitors in all 3 ways they interact with the Internet.
  • Reach visitors when they are in the decision-making stage of their vacation planning on a Pre-Arrival basis.
  • Generate:
    1. Commission-free, high-margin booking revenue:
      • No "Pay-per-transaction" bookings via our qualified lead generation program
        (you never pay us a commission)
      • No "Pay-per-click" links from Best Places Hawaii
        (you never pay us for a click)
    2. Quick Return OF Investment (make your $$ back in 1-2 bookings)
    3. High Return ON Investment (make your $$ back many times over)
    4. Guaranteed Performance