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Kauai Romance in Paradise SpecialA Guide to Kauai's Most Romantic Treasures

As-Seen-In Kauai Magazine

The Romance of Kauai

From diamond-studded waterfalls to waves kissing a secluded, white sand beach, the Garden Isle is the ideal setting for an unforgettable, simple-to-extravagant wedding, vow renewal, honeymoon, or romantic getaway. For couples seeking the ultimate romantic getaway, secluded possibilities abound. With more beaches than any other Hawaiian island, Kauai is a honeymooner’s unrivaled dream. For weddings, many experienced wedding coordinators are on Kauai to assist with the planning and execution of your special day’s every detail.

As a honeymoon setting, Kauai is unrivaled. With more sandy beaches than any other island in the Hawaiian archipelago, Kauai is a honeymooner's dream. Possibilities abound for couples seeking the ultimate secluded getaway or "Destination Wedding."

Kauai, the Ultimate Destination Wedding

A Destination Wedding is one held "out of town" in a special location requiring travel by all attending. The spectrum runs from a wedding at a destination that includes just the bride and groom (also known as eloping) to one that includes a large group of family and friends. Whatever the scope, Kauai can serve as the ultimate romantic destination.

A Destination Wedding morphs a traditional cookie-cutter-clone wedding into a lifetime experience by spending wedding dollars not just on an afternoon in a local reception hall, but on a great vacation spot bound to create unique memories of a lifetime over a weekend or longer. Some choose a Destination Wedding not only to do something less traditional, but also to insure a small guest list (due to distance), to hold the wedding at a mutually convenient/inconvenient location for geographically spread-apart families, or just to get away from the familiar.

For those who cannot make the wedding at the destination of choice, some newlyweds have a homecoming reception upon their return. The welcome-home reception can mirror the destination's theme, as the newlyweds show their wedding photos and videos to their hometown guests.

A Destination Wedding effectively adds to your "Big Day" a "Big Place." In a sense, a Destination Wedding brings the wedding to the honeymoon spot. When the wedding is over, the newlyweds are already on honeymoon. Guests can enjoy the destination, too, before or after the wedding. Some brides and grooms even subsidize part or all of the travel costs for guests attending their Destination Wedding.

Whatever the scope of a Destination Wedding, Kauai for many is the perfect "Big Place" backdrop for the wedding and honeymoon of a lifetime.

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