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Hilo Panaewa Zoo, Big Island

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Hilo Panaewa Zoo, Big Island

The Panaewa Zoo is the only natural tropical rainforest zoo in the United States and it is the home of Namaste, a white Bengal Tiger. The Zoo is also home to more than 80 animal species, including the endangered Nene (Hawaii State Bird). Admission is free.

The Zoo offers a variety of activities, such as:

    • Picnic in the shade of over 100 varieties of Palm;


    • Stroll with Peacocks on the Zoo grounds (a botanical garden);


    • Come at 3:30pm on any day and watch the zoo-keeper feed Namaste;


    • Visit the petting zoo on Saturdays;


  • Visit the gift shop.

Also, Several times a year the “Friends of the Zoo” organization hosts a “Family Fun” day providing entertainment, games and refreshments.

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