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Saving Money on Airfare

Flight Fact #1:
Airline flights usually demonstrate this sell-out pattern:
First, the cheapest flight is sold out, then the next cheapest, then the next cheapest, and so on. Finally, only the most expensive flight remains available.

Tip #1:
Plan in advance.... WAY in advance... many months in advance, if you can. You will also enjoy better seat assignments by booking early.

Flight Fact #2:
Flights originating on the weekends are generally more expensive. (Fri/Sat/Sun are generally considered weekends.)

Tip #2:
Fly into Hawaii on a non-weekend day, AND fly out of Hawaii on a non-weekend day. Lower fares can often be found during slower periods in November and February.

Bottom line: When possible, book flights originating on non-weekend days AND well in advance.

In the months between making your reservation and your trip, savor the anticipation. Surf www.BestPlacesHawaii.com, read the articles, envision, enjoy. It is said that a large part of seduction is anticipation. Similarly, if you plan a vacation far ahead, a similar emotional benefit accrues: there's more time to anticipate. So, you get more emotional bang for the buck, AND you spend less money.

You can often save on airfare when the cost of the plane ticket is bundled with Hawaii vacations packages that include an air-room-car booking through one source.

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