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Helicopter Flightseeing Tips

There is no better way to see the incomparable beauty and drama of the Hawaiian Islands than from above. Because of its mountainous terrain, many areas on the Hawaiian Islands are inaccessible by motor vehicle. Helicopters are one of the only ways to see these remote treasures.

To get the most from your helicopter tour, follow these tips:

1. Consider an hour-long flight. Youíll be able to see much more and the pace will be more relaxed.

2. Donít worry if itís a little rainy; rain makes for surging waterfalls and gorgeous rainbows.

3. Take notes of accessible places you want to visit again when youíre back on the ground.

4. Bring a camera, use fast film (ASA/ISO 400 or 800) and use a polarizing filter to cut glare.

5. Bring binoculars to zoom in on hidden waterfalls. Digital camera binoculars were almost made for helicopter rides over Hawaii.

6. Resist the urge to photograph or videotape every second of the ride. Enjoy the moment, so youíll have some beautiful memories to take home. Some helicopter companies include a video as part of their tour package.

7. If youíve got at least four people in your group, you may be able to customize your flight somewhat. Ask the pilot.

8. If you are prone to being carsick, consider taking nonprescription motion sickness prevention medication at least 60 minutes before your flight.

9. Morning is usually considered to be the best time of day to fly.

10. Sit in the front seat. The view is better than an IMAX movie!

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