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Wailea Beach, Maui

Located on Mauiís sunny South Shore, Wailea Beach is one of several perfect beaches serving this resort community. Wailea Beach is a large, wide, crescent, graced with lovely fine, golden sand. The beach is protected at both ends by large, black lava points, making the calm waters ideal for swimming. Clear blue waves roll into shore and are perfect for riding, with or without a board.

There is public access to the beach, but parking can be in short supply. A paved beach walk winds in between the luxury resorts, restaurants and sandy coves. As you stroll along look for rare native plants.

The relatively flat beach at Wailea is great for sunbathing and provides an exceptional whale watching vantage point from December through April. After a glorious day of splashing and sunning at this wonderful beach, you will be treated to an absolutely gorgeous sunset.

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