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Oneloa Beach, Maui

Oneloa Beach is a public access beach in West Maui in front of luxury condos and private homes. It is just around the point from Kapalua Beach. The beach is not large, but it is flat and secluded, with green, rolling hills rising in the background.

Do not confuse this beach with the Oneloa Beach in South Maui, called “Big Beach” by the locals, which is very popular (and more crowded). Also, do not be tricked by the protruding lava rocks -- they do not extend the length of the beach.

This West Maui Oneloa Beach is a nice, wide sandy beach that is seldom visited and not at all crowded. Locals come here to surf. Swimming and snorkeling are quite good at this beach, especially at low tide. Parking is available at the entrance to one of the condominiums and access is down a steep path between condos.

For a relaxing day of secluded beach fun, make Oneloa Beach your secret getaway.

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