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Ask the Big Kahuna
"Answering the most perplexing visitor questions"

Adventure & Sports
The Big Kahuna advises the adventurous about Hawaii vacation, Hawaii travel, and the adventure that is Hawaii...

Q: Can you swim and snorkel in Hanauma Bay?

Q: Are there any nude beaches in Hawaii?

Q: Where are the good scuba diving spots in Hawaii?

Q: Can you really snow ski in Hawaii?

Q: Where is a quiet place to learn to surf?

Q: Where can I safely swim with dolphins and other sea life?

Q: Can you really fish for trout in Hawaii?

Q: NFL Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium - What's the scoop?

Q: Is it legal to walk the Haiku Stairs?

Q: How can I get to Kauai's inaccessible beaches by helicopter?

Q: Can you help me find some unforgettable Oahu golf courses that are not too expensive?

Q: Where are the best snorkeling spots in Hawaii?

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