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FREE Websites to the World from Best Places Hawaii -- No Ads Attached

Honolulu, HI - April 30, 2002 - BestPlacesHawaii.com is giving away free websites to everyone on the planet. To get a free website, a person simply goes to www.bestplaceshawaii.com, clicks on the "Free Website" link, and uses the online point-and-click program and graphics to build their own cyber home. What's the catch?

"The only catch is that we want people to remember that bestplaceshawaii.com gave them their free websites and got them started," says Rob Sanford, CEO. "We just want to make it easy for more people to get more involved with the Internet. We know that as more people get more involved in the Web, we will get our share of new business as a natural by-product of giving away free websites. It's sort of our way of digitally feeding 5,000 many times over or teaching people how to fish and feed themselves."

The free websites allow any person or business to establish a web presence quickly and easily at no cost. The process is simple enough to allow anyone to assemble a professional website in minutes online. The individual simply chooses from a variety of templates and graphic elements to build the site with easy-to-use point-and-click tools. No experience is required. A helpful online tutor guides the user through the entire process.

"We even host and support the site," Sanford says. "For free, forever, without subjecting you to any online advertising."

After putting together the new website, the user can make changes anytime of day or night quickly and easily using online controls that allow the user to see the changes as they are made.