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Marketing Guided Tour  Vertical Exposure

Types of Exposure:1. Vertical Exposure2. Horizontal Exposure3. Broadcast Exposure
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Google Search

#1. Vertical Exposure for:

Visitors who "know" where they're going

Visitor #1: The Knowledgeable Visitor
They already "know" exactly where they want to go, what they want to do, what they want to see, etc.
Say, the visitor wants to go to a hotel in Waikiki.
So, they drill-down through the website, without stopping, till they get to a hotel in Waikiki.

We provide: Vertical Exposure, so you are there to greet them when they get there.


Via our:
  • Travel Directory
  • Company Spotlight
  • Email Direct
  • Online Booking
  • I-Reservations
  • Registry

See tabs below.

Vertical Exposure (click any tab)

Top Billing Photo Travel Directory

Top Billing Photo Directory listings provide:

  • "Vertical Exposure," organized by specific island(s) and by specific category(ies);
  • Hyperlinks to your Company Spotlight via Your Company Name, via your Photo, and via the "More Info" button;
  • 35-word compelling message about your offerings;
  • Your contact information (name, address, phone numbers); and
  • Hyperlinked "buttons" to your Company Spotlight, Email, Specials, and Book Online pages.

This placement is called "Top Billing" because your listing appears first, at the top of the page on a daily rotational basis, so you get noticed.

Sample: To see an example of "live" Top Billing Photo Directory listings on the site, click here.

Your company can appear in as many categories and/or islands as you like, to cover all your business activities. We custom-design a package for your company's specific exposure needs.

Company Spotlight

Company Spotlight / Specials Page: Mini-Web Page

The Company Spotlight/Specials Page is like having your own mini-Web page on our site. This page has 3 sections:

Listing Teaser and Intro Example

Section #1: Top of the Page

For the sake of continuity, the top section of the page repeats your Top Billing Photo Directory "teaser" message and information, so visitors have a sense of the familiar when they arrive here.

Screenshot highlighting the Specials section of the a listing

Section #2: Discount Card Special Coupon

The Discount Card section allows you to present your Best Places Hawaii Discount Card Special in coupon format:

  • Special Offer
  • Call-to-Action
  • Tracking Code
  • Change 24/7

Tag your offer by giving it a specific name or content so you can track it later. Use code words like "Rainbow Package," for example. Then use the Rainbow Package ONLY on Best Places Hawaii-related marketing materials (online, in email, etc.) and nowhere else. Then when someone asks for the Rainbow Package, you'll automatically know the source of your bookings. When your Special changes, you can change your Special whenever you like, online, 24/7.

Listing Teaser and Intro Example

Section #3: Company Spotlight

The Company Spotlight showcases only your business on a full page... only your company's photo, message, and contact information appear.

And you can change this text whenever you want (unlike other media, which can take weeks or months to change).

Here, you have a huge 500-word section to present your company and offerings. You have plenty of room to paint the picture, show the details, and outline the differences that make your organization unique.

This exclusive, full-page exposure is dedicated to you and only you, and is included at no additional charge. Like all the components in the Destination Marketing System, the Company Spotlight / Specials Page integrates with all the other features of the system, creating a synergy of exposure and results.

Email Direct Now!

This feature sends emails directly to you from specific visitors at various locations around the Best Places Hawaii website. Each of these direct email inquiries contains a detailed request from an individual visitor interested in receiving an answer to a question about your company. You should answer each of these exclusive inquiries personally, as they are sent to you and only to you.

The visitor accesses, completes, and submits this online inquiry form by clicking the Email Us button on the Top Billing Photo Directory listing and/or Company Spotlight / Specials page.

This Email Direct Now! branded email feature also appears in the BestLeads! response letters and TNT NewsHawaii to help you track the source of your bookings further and the value of association with Best Places Hawaii.

Screenshot of branded email

You receive the following branded email (showing that the inquiry is from Best Places Hawaii) as soon as the consumer/visitor submits the form:

Online Booking

Screenshot of Book Online button on listing teaser

The Book Online button allows visitors to link directly to the:

  • Online booking section of your website;
  • Online ordering form of your website; or
  • Other e-commerce section of your website.

If you do not have true online e-commerce booking capability on your website (ability to take and process charge cards online), you can use our I-Reservations feature.


FREE Online Reservation Booking Technology - True Ecommerce

Best Places Hawaii provides free technology for booking online reservations for any type business.

Here is an outline of how easy the program is:

  1. You simply go to http://www.inntopia.com and click "start signup", then fill in the blanks to enroll. The program is fully explained at this site.
  2. The online booking technology, set-up, hosting, administration, additional pages, etc. are all free ... no upfront fees, no hosting charges, no monthly dues, no minimums, no credit card fees, etc.
  3. A special logo is added to your listing to show guests that they can book online: Preview of Book Online button
  4. The only potential charge is a 10% commission paid to Inntopia, our online reservation technology partner, but only when a consumer makes and keeps a reservation. If the consumer cancels, there is no 10% commission or other charge.
  5. You remain in complete control of your inventory at all times. The availability you enter into the system, and how that number may change throughout the year, is entirely up to you. This feature accommodates your seasonal fluctuations in availability and bookings.
  6. Once you enroll, you make changes via a password-protected Administration site: https://admin.inntopia.com. At the Administration site, you control the rates, inventory, and all other information pertaining to your offerings, including descriptive information and photos.

I-Reservations Sample

To see how using this online reservation program on Best Places Hawaii can enhance the presentation of your offering, click here for an I-Reservations sample and see what a visitor would see.

Note the additional descriptive information, photos, availability calendars, etc. you can add for free.


For greater visibility, The Registry provides a hyperlink to your website plus includes your local AND Toll-free phone numbers. Only Affiliate clients are hyperlinked and only Affiliates have their Toll-free numbers listed, so your Company stands out from the rest.

The Registry is included in the Destination Marketing System package at no additional charge. See the sample below.

Thumbnail of Registry Listings