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These Value-Added Benefits included Free

Value added benefits

As a Best Places Hawaii Licensee, you receive these additional Value-Added Benefits, all at no additional charge:

  • Administration Web Site
  • Discount Card
  • Marketing Alerts

See tabs below.

Value-Added Benefits (click any tab)

Licensee Administration Website

"Your Dashboard for Dollars."

As a Licensee, you have access to your traffic statistics, BestLeads, and more via our easy-to-use password-protected Licensee Administration Website on a 24/7 basis from any computer. Here, you can revise your listings whenever you like. This feature is especially useful for changing seasonal specials.

Click Here (or on the image to the right) to view a sample account.

At your Licensee Administration Website, you can:

  • Manage your account.
  • Revise any of the content in your listings.
  • Change your Specials whenever you like.
  • Update any of your contact information (name; address; phone; email; URL; fax; etc).
  • Stay virus-proof from email viruses.
  • Manage your BestLeads! with multiple easy to use pre-set responses.
  • Manage your BestLeads! with the built-in fully automated Auto-responder.
  • Have password-protected, 24/7 access from any online computer in the world (no need to access your email account).
  • Enjoy real-time reporting (online).
  • Receive/download monthly summary reports.
  • Download Official BPH branding emblems, review FAQ's, and contact your Support Team.

Best Places Hawaii Discount Card

"Tracking the origin of your bookings."

Over 38,000 cards have already been downloaded by our visitors!

The Best Places Hawaii Discount Card is another value-added, no-cost benefit for generating additional, commission-free revenue for you on both a pre- and post-arrival basis.

It's the only totally Free discount card in Hawaii. Click on the card for consumer details.

Program Outline

Participation in the Best Places Hawaii Discount Card Program is optional, though you are automatically enrolled and the benefit is included as part of your Destination Marketing System licensing agreement at no additional charge.

It's so easy:

  • We issue the cards to visitors and we manage the program.
  • You simply accept the card with your special-of-choice at point-of-sale when the visitor books.
  • You control prices and any discount.
  • You can change or discontinue your specials whenever you like without notification.
  • There is no charge for you (or visitors) to participate.
  • There is no charge for you (or visitors) to get or use the card.
  • Use the card as a way to track the origin of bookings.

Add a Logo to Your Site

Discount Card Emblem

To place a Best Places Hawaii Discount Card logo on your website, simply go to your Licensee Administration Website and click on the Emblem link for quick copy-and-paste instructions.

Marketing Alerts Newsletter

"Keeping you informed."

As a Licensee, you also qualify to receive the Marketing Alerts newsletter (via email) with hot tips, proven marketing ideas, website updates, and suggestions for building your business using our online retail channel. We also alert you to critical changes and enhancements to our system.

Your Marketing Alerts is:

  • Emailed to you at least monthly and on-demand if something new, exciting, or important is happening that we think you should know about right away.
  • Archived, both current and back-issues, on your Licensee Administration website for easy access 24/7.

This information keeps you on the cutting edge of online direct-to-visitor marketing and commission-free booking.

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