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Marketing Guided Tour  Horizontal Exposure

Types of Exposure:1. Vertical Exposure2. Horizontal Exposure3. Broadcast Exposure
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Google Search

#2. Horizontal Exposure for:

Visitors who "don't know" where they're going

Visitor #2: The Learning Visitor
The visitor doesn't know the lay-of-the-land (the difference between Hawaii-the-island and Hawaii-the-state, etc.), is not sure what there is to do or see on the islands, etc.
This visitor "surfs" online for a reason compelling enough to go to your offer.

We provide: Horizontal Exposure, so you are there to catch the visitor who is surfing across the site to learn the destination.


Via our:
  • Text Boxes
  • Graphical Banners

See tabs below.

Horizontal Exposure (click any tab)

Text Boxes

Unlimited Text Box impressions are included in packages at no additional charge.
(you don't pay by the # of impressions; and you don't pay-by-click).

Your Text Box provides horizontal exposure across the entire site for maximum view.

We use Google-like Text Boxes, since visitors are already familiar with this message medium.

You can place your compelling "teaser" message of 15-20 words, like a Tweet, inside the Text Box to drive visitors to your website.

Graphical Banners

Our full-size Graphical Banners headline your company at the top-of-the-page and in-margin for maximum "Top-of-Mind" exposure. Your message appears across the entire website for total horizontal run-of-site exposure and to capture the attention of visitors wherever they may be, in the commercial or non-commercial sections of the site.

Why a Marquee Banner?

A study performed by Diameter (a web-statistical company) showed that above-the-page ads, like the banner shown above, "boosted key brand metrics by an average of 55%" (per the Interactive Advertising Bureau).

Which is more valuable: the Click-Through or the Impression?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) commissioned MBinteractive to conduct the IAB Online Advertising Effectiveness Study to answer these questions and found (iab.net):

  1. Banner exposure (the impression) itself was responsible for 96% of brand enhancement, while a click-through only contributed 4%. Nearly all of the impact was generated without a 'click-through' to the advertiser's site, proving the significance of the banner impression alone.
  2. Online advertising is more likely to be noticed than television advertising. The engaged state, which the Web encourages, helps provide higher attention to online advertising.
  3. Online advertising dramatically increases advertisement awareness after only one exposure, positively impacting brand perceptions. Consumer acceptance of online advertising is comparable to that of traditional media.
  4. Online Advertising has the potential to increase sales. On average, Consumer Loyalty increased 4% across the twelve brands tested after only one exposure.