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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting

Losing Your Heart
Dedicated to Oahu

Submitted by John

i reluctantly went to oahu with my son and his family who were on their second trip to the island of oahu. I was actually more excited about the plane ride since I had only taken short flights never more than one hour. Once we got going, excitment started on the plane when watching the videos that are constantly shown.
once we arrived and were in the parking garage at the airport, i was asked constantly on what I thought, to which my response was "it looks like Long BEACH!!" mY INITIAL REACTION WAS ITS PRETTY BUT NOTHING SPECIAL!!"
One the second day my son rented a car and our tour of the island began,....long story short while standing on waimanillo beach, I suddenly heard a voice that said..."you can do this!!"" That evening while standing on the balcony ,15floors up I spoted the buldings on the slope of diamond head, and inquired what those buildings were. the hotel staff informed me it was Leahi Hospital.
The next day I walked up to the hospital and inquired about nursing positions, and was greeted with a flurry of paperwork,including contact info for the board of nursing. That started my quest to move and upon my return a year later, I had sold everything in california in anticipation of themove and easy access to my license, which did not happen and thus I had to return to the mainland. The license suddenly appeared in the mail nine months later but I had rebuilt my life..
I now live in Ohio as a private care nurse to a disabled client who after hearing my story and sees the pain and longing that Hawaii has left on me..he would like to initiate a move there to ease my pain..I have posters, and pictures on the fridge of Honolulu and he noices the tears well up when Hawaii enters the conversation.
I never believed that aplace can steal your heart as this place has, and not one hour of the day goes by that i remember, that place, the smells and the magic of Oahu..I miss it longingly and touched my heart and left an indelible mark on my soul....someday I will return untill then...tears and memories are what I have..i miss you, my hawaii....keoni

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