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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

It Was Raining
Dedicated to Love

Submitted by Mehri

I was walking like ever in the street when I saw you. It was cold and raining when I saw you. The sky was crying for my loneliness when I saw you. You were sitting on the bench, with those charming and wild eyes. You were alone and sad like me when I saw you. My heart was beating with love in that moment, something was shining in your eyes, I stopped, I try to go but some thing stopped me, our alone souls stopped me to say: it's time to love!
I come near to you, you looked at me with those wild and charming eyes, it was raining, but now sky was crying to wash loneliness.
When I went home, you were with me. With those shining eyes and lovely face! You are the end of my loneliness, my dear cat!
I never loved pet, but you are different! because I saw you when it was raining in hawaii.

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