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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

If Ever We Meet Again...
Dedicated to My Skips

Submitted by Apple

first time i talked to you... i was hesitant.. but you were persuasive... when i get to know you... i knew from my heart i could love you for the rest of my life... we loved and kept our bond strong despite distance and you always find ways to remind me that everyday... we promised to be dedicated. we promised to be true. all of that... now we no longer talk nor even got to see each other again.. all i have is the memories and the love in my heart for you and the love you gave me... we found joy in each other no matter what we talk about... i still fondly remember that dream you had of us... with ou future kid... in the beach.. just talking... you know how i wanted to go to hawaii someday and maybe live there... its a paradise.. but i know in my heart it wont ever be complete without you... i want to share my beautiful hawaiian sunrise and sunset with you by my side.. i love you, deeply and truly....i miss you more than i could ever show you if ever someday we will see each other again. when you went away you took my heart with you... for i know in my heart i could never have what we had ever again... i love you and you are my inspiration. always will be. no one else can ever have that part of my soul i gave to you. i pray to OD above to someday give us a chance to be with each other... there as never a day that passed by that i didnt longed for your warm and tight embrace and your gentle kiss... i miss you so very much and i love you.. i do pray we see each other someday so i wont live the rest of my life feeling lonely... i feel lonely without you... i dont have my soul without you.

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